EGL 19mm Cold Cathode Tubulated Electrodes #124600LF

EGL 19mm Cold Cathode Tubulated Electrodes #124600LF


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Product Description

19CM cold cathode electrode operates on 120 – 180mA transformers. It is designed for use on 18 – 25mm cold cathode tubing and must not be used on smaller diameters. It requires a bombarded 15KV or larger to properly heat the shells and glass during production. System requirements and performance must be met before attempting cold cathode production.


Brand EGL
Model #124600LF
Sold Per Box of 100
Size 19mm
mA Rating 120-180
Shell Type 19MCC
Shell Diamter 1/2"
Shell Length 1-1/4"
Glass Diameter 19mm
Glass Length 2.875"
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