Common Sense DOT 0.790" Nickel Plated Brass Turn Button 1000 Pack #91-XB78323-2A


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Product Description

Common Sense Fasteners are positive locking fasteners that will not open accidentally. Each fastener is assembled with a spring mechanism that holds the fasteners under tension in the desired position till turned and released by hand. Common Sense fasteners were originally developed for use in the carriage industry to keep canvas side curtains in place. As horse drawn carriages were replaced by the automobile Common Sense fasteners they were still used on early open air cars to secure side curtains. Over the years Common Sense fasteners have found many applications in the military, marine, automotive, and leather industries because of their dependable performance in even the most difficult of environments. Available in a variety of turn button styles. Common Sense can be used on both hard and soft surface applications.


Brand DOT
Color Nickel Plated Brass
Model #91-XB78323-2A
Sold Per Box of 1000
Type Common Sense
Size 0.790"
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