Durable DOT  Black Oxide Brass Socket 100 Pack #93-XB10224-1C

Durable DOT Black Oxide Brass Socket 100 Pack #93-XB10224-1C


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Product Description

When superior snap action and holding strengths is needed Durable is the fastener to use, Self-piercing no pre-punching is required. The Durable fastener’s heavy duty construction assures a firm grip that will remain secure through years of use.  A unique process in the fabrication of the DOT eyelet posts ensures that DOT Durable fasteners penetrate even the most rugged materials without the need for a pre-punched hole. Various eyelet posts lengths ensure adaptability to a wide range of material thickness.


Brand DOT
Color Black Oxide Brass
Model #93-XB10224-1C
Sold Per Box of 100
Type Durable
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