LORD 7542 Urethane    Adhesive       50 ml

LORD 7542 Urethane  Adhesive 50 ml

SKU: LO-7542A/B50ML

Type: Urethane 

Size: 50 ml

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Product Description

Two-part urethane adhesives provide superior bonds with minimal surface preparation for today’s high-performance thermosets and thermoplastics. They offer primerless adhesion for sheet molded compounds (SMC) and are ideal for prepared metals, rubber and fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). 7542A/B FRP, SMC, other thermoset plastics, prepared metals and wood. Use for bonding plastics or painted metal to plastic
  • Does not require explosion-proof equipment
  • Unaffected by weathering, humidity,sunlight and salt spray
  • Does not contain ozone depleting chemicals
  • strong bond that Painting and most cleaning processes do not affect

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Brand LORD
Model 7542
Sold Per Unit
Type Urethane 
Size 50 ml
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