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60-12D Series Power Supply

60-12D Series Power Supply

  • 60 Watt, class 2 power supply
  • Output overload and short circuit protection
  • In-rush current supression circuitry
  • Compact aluminum housing with integral junction box
  • Easily fits into a 5” raceway
POWER, LOADING AND MOUNTING: The 60-12D is designed specifically to provide a constant 12VDC voltage for safe and long-term operation of Permlight modules. The case is not water-proof, therefore a water-proof container should be used if exposed to the elements. The 60-12D is designed for exterior applications with primary side connections made within the integral junction box, eliminating the need for a separate junction box. The 60-12D complies with UL Class 2 requirements that limit any power circuit (channel) to 5.0A maximum. The 60-12D can be mounted inside of self-contained letters, race ways or coves using the four mounting holes on the chasis.

DIMMING AND CONTROLS: The 60-12D-DIM versions are line voltage dimmable. The 60-12D series is capable of instant on/off operation which means it is compatible with photocell and motion sensors.

5 years, Warranty is applicable only if power supply is properly loaded with less than or equal to the maximum specified amount of Permlight approved modules or cove/linear products.

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60-12D Series Power Supply