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Scale Master Classic 6020 - Digital Plan Measure

Portable, Digital Take-Off Tool With 72 Built-in Scales For Construction Estimators, Contractors or Anyone Who Works with Blueprints.

Used for measuring required lengths of glass tubing by following the exact contours of a to-scale working drawing of the intended design; also helps determine the strength of the voltage transformer to be used.

Thousands of construction Pros use the Scale Master series of digital plan measures to bid faster & more accurately. Now it's time for you to gain the competitive edge & perform take-offs with speed & confidence! Instantly double-check plans. Cut estimating errors & improve profits.

  • Perform instant linear, rectangular area and volume take-offs
  • 72 built-in scales--architectural, engineering, map, metric
  • Small, lightweight and totally portable (fits in your pocket)
  • Use it like a pen--just roll and measure!
  • Easy-to-read display shows measurement in feet/inches, metric & other popular dimensional units
  • Convert between scales & dimensions
  • Custom scales, for plans that are reduced/enlarged
  • Calculate rectangular areas/volumes (LxWxH)
  • Subtract, counter, and more!

PC Interface is not available for this model.

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Scale Master Classic 6020 - Digital Plan Measure