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Vacuum Pump A107

Vacuum Pump A107 is a 2-stage rotary vane direct-drive pump which reaches an ultimate vacuum of 1x10-4 mbar and has ISO-KF-25 flanges on inlets and outlets. Vacuum pump has anti-suckback valves and is equipped with Pneurop flanges, hose nipple, centering ring, O-ring, and clamp.

Free Air Displacement CFM(L/min)3.2 (90)10.7(305)
Mist EliminatorOptional
Motor Rating (hp/rpm)63 (28.6)
Oil Capacity Quarts1.0
Voltage/cycles110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Weight (Approx.) lbs.(kg)63 (28.6)
Item number Description
Vacuum Pump A107