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12kv 35ma Pow-R-Pak Neon Power Supply Style Transformer

  • Ideal for small Neon signs.
  • Intelligent diagnostics of ground fault and open circuit protection, simplifies service and gives you greater security.
  • Sleeveless GTO # 16 AWG 15 kV and 36" long, eliminates the need for additional sleeving and GTO splicing, thus minimizes loses.
  • High power factor models are available, which allows installation of more units on one circuit, saving material and labour costs.
  • Standard IEC socket for universal input cord, allowing safer and wider regional usage.
  • Self adjusting output voltage 2KV-9KV, which is adaptable to a wider range of applications, thus saves money.

Transformer StyleIndoor (Electronic)
Transformer TypeElectronic
Transformer Volts120 Volts
Secondary MA35
Secondary KV12000
Item number Description
12kv 35ma Pow-R-Pak Neon Power Supply Style Transformer