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Regenerative Blower R4110-2

  • Rugged construction, low maintenance
  • Oilless operation
  • UL and CSA approved TEFC motors with permanently sealed ball bearings
  • Automatic restart thermal protection on single phase motors
  • Aluminum blower housing, impeller and cover
  • Can be operated with no air flow through unit
  • Can be mounted in any plane
  • Inlet and outlet have internal muffling

MAX. PRESSURE: 52"H20 (60 Hz), 38"H20 (50 Hz)
MAX. VACUUM: 48"H20 (60 Hz), 35"H20 (50 Hz)
MAX. AIR FLOW: 92 CFM (60 Hz), 75 CFM (50 Hz)

Item number Description
Regenerative Blower R4110-2