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9kv 30ma Self-Sensitive Style Transformer, 277 volts

  • Recommended for indoor neon signs and indoor neon lighting.
  • Outdoor non-weatherproof unitran enclosed design, providing pre-wiring for easy installation, eliminating the need for a transformer box and primary switch.
  • Secondary circuit ground fault protection, interrupting transformer output to eliminate the danger of a fire in case of an arc to ground.
  • Three automatic resets, eliminates nuisance tripping, provides continuous and better performance, thus saving service costs.
  • A 29-minute by-pass switch, which enables efficient fault detection, in the same manner that you were accustomed to work with the old UL506 transformers.

Transformer TypeFerromagnetic
Transformer StyleSelf-Enclosed Style
Transformer Volts277 Volts
Secondary MA30
Secondary KV9000