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12kv 30ma Outdoor Style Transformer

  • Recommended for outdoor neon signs.
  • Secondary circuit ground fault protection, interrupting transformer output to eliminate the danger of a fire in case of an arc to ground.
  • LED diagnostics, reduces troubleshooting time.
  • Same dimension as all UL506 models, which means there is no need to redesign casings, raceways or existing signs in order to take advantage of a more reliable and safer transformer.
  • A 29-minute by-pass switch, which enables efficient fault detection, in the same manner that you were accustomed to work with old UL506 transformers.
  • Three automatic resets, eliminating nuisance tripping, providing continuous and better performance, thus saving service costs.
  • Available in 277 and 347V, which results in potential cost savings, as you can install more transformers per circuit when compared to 120V applications.

Transformer StyleOutdoor
Transformer TypeFerromagnetic
Transformer Volts120 Volts
Secondary MA30
Secondary KV12000
Item number Description
12kv 30ma Outdoor Style Transformer