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Double Coated Vinyl Foam Tape #4432

1/32 in closed cell vinyl foam carrier with 430 acrylic adhesive and 3.0 mil, 62 lb densified kraft liner. Medium solvent resistance. High relative adhesion to HSE plastics and low adhesion to LSE plastics.
Good cushion, conformable, flexible, weather resistant with internal foam strength. Use for mounting indoor signs, nameplates and wall corner protectors to irregular surfaces. Mount trim panels in trailers. Hold polycarbonate panels in venting machines. Mount display screen in electronic scales.
Available in white or black.

Item number Description
Double Coated Tape #4432 Black, 1" x 72yd
Double Coated Tape #4432 Black, 1/2" x 72yd
Double Coated Tape #4432 White, 1" x 72yd
Double Coated Tape #4432 White, 1/2" x 72yd