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Rapid-Dry Photographic Glossy Paper, 190g

Kodak's improved replacement for KODAK Instant Dry Photographic Glossy Papers is a genuine resin-coated paper that provides excellent image quality and instant dry times with EPSON dye and pigment inks, HP pigmented inks, and dye-based Encad and HP printer/ink combinations. The product is available in widths ranging from 24” to 60.”

  • Instant dry on any printing system, including high-speed piezo printers and HP5500 in Production mode
  • Excellent image quality and gamut—before and after lamination
  • Pigment and dye ink compatibility
  • Can be laminated immediately and is compatible with inexpensive heat-activated materials
  • Performance Guaranteed up to 100 years indoors

Ink CompatibilityDye-based/Pigmented Inks
FinishGloss White
Thickness7 mil
Item number Description
Rapid-Dry Photographic Glossy Paper 24" x 100'
Rapid-Dry Photographic Glossy Paper 36" x 100'
Rapid-Dry Photographic Glossy Paper 42" x 100'
Rapid-Dry Photographic Glossy Paper 50" x 100'
Rapid-Dry Photographic Glossy Paper 60" x 100'