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The aluminum handled snip with the "strength of steel", now sports sleek, aggressive new styling to make it more versatile than ever! Plus, resized handles and easier blade replacement make the BIG 14-inch Andy Snip the choice of even more professionals!
A lower profile, slimmer nose reaches inside tighter clearances, and extended blade tips cut all the way into corners. Blade edges are precision ground and surface finished for smooth cutting in all types of applications. And new pressure-fit, non-riveted blades are easily replaced in the field with the use of just a wrench or nut driver to remove the snip's pivot bolt. Wider, thicker handle loops are 1/2-inch longer to provide added comfort and up to 10% more leverage. The ergonomically friendly handle loops and finger holes allow for varied hand positions and decrease pressure points by distributing the load over a larger area. Smaller hands may grasp loops further forward for easier opening. Handle loops also fit larger hands or gloved hands.
The 14" Andy (MC14N) Charcoal Combination Snip's beveled blade edge is versatile for straight shearing and left or right circular cuts down to 6-inch diameter.

  • Larger Handle Loops
  • Sleek Head Design Improves Maneuverability
  • Big 3 1/4-inch Cutting Length
  • Pressure-fit Inset Blades
  • Optional Snip Holster

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