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Squarecade 36 Portable Sign Stand

Small in stature but large sign display area of 24” wide x 24” high is great to advertise house sales, garage sales, or any advertising where a smaller sign is need but big visability.

  • Overall Size 25” wide x 36” high
  • Sign regress of 24” wide x 24” high
  • Patented Locking Hinge – Keeps Signicade Open
  • Hole with plug for sand ballasting. Unit weighs with 17.5 lbs with sand 27.5 lbs.
  • Stacking lugs assures no scratching or sliding during shipping, plus, easy storage.
  • Flashing lights can attach to all units.
  • Free Funnels with every Signicade.

Item number Description
SQUARECADE-36 36"x25" WHITE (24"x24" FACE)
SQUARECADE-36 36"x25" YELLOW (24"x24" FACE)