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Minicade Portable Sign Stand

The Minicade is fantastic for school crossing, narrow advertising spaces like shopping malls, and narrow sidewalks. This small in stature sign is great for long signs like open and closed. Get noticed in your shopping center today.

  • Molded in hollow plastic for internal ballasting with sand – Incredibly Durable
  • Legends provide 12” x 24” reflective sheeting same as standard construction barricade.
  • Engineer Grade, High Intensity, High Intensity Prismatic, Diamond Grade, and Diamond Grade Fluorescent Sheeting.
  • Hinges click-lock in open position
  • Brackets for flashing light available
  • Magnetic Option available for 4 signs vs. 2 signs per unit.

Item number Description
MINICADE 36"x13" WHITE (24"x12" FACE)
MINICADE 36"x13" YELLOW (24"x12" FACE)