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PHOTOCONTROL #797970 SPT-15 (120 V.)

Photocontrol in a non-metallic housing with a 1/2" pipe nipple.
The PT and SPT series controls combine the superior performance of the AT series with an economical, yet highly durable, polycarbonate housing. These controls feature a heavy-duty thermal bi-metal switch that provides a 30-45 second time delay. This virtually eliminates unwanted lamp cycling that could be caused by lightning, car headlights, or other sudden changes in the ambient light level.
Although the Turn On level is pre-set at the factory, each PT and SPT control is furnished with an adjustable slide bar that allows field adjustment to satisfy specific needs. The SPT is also equipped with a field adjustable swivel base to provide maximum installation flexibility.

Temperature Range
Switch LifetimeExceeds 5,000 on/off operations
SwitchSPST thermal bi-metallic
Rated Volts120
Range (Volts)105-130
Power Consumption0.9 Watts (avg) @ 120 volts
Off/On Ratio4 : 1
Nut1/2" Pipe, zinc die-cast
Nipple1/2" Pipe
Load Rating Tungsten (Watts)2000
Load Rating Ballast (VA)1900
Light SensorCadmium sulfide (Cds) cell
Lead Wires
HousingPolycarbonate with UV resistant window
Fail ModeOn (contacts normally closed)
Turn On (Fc)1.5
Item number Description
PHOTOCONTROL #797970 SPT-15 (120 V.)