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You just finished a great WRAP for a customer. So how do you give both a nice "THANK-YOU" to your customer and educate them on how to take care of it? Sign the "Thank-You" card on the outside of this Wrap Care Kit and leave it in the front seat, that's how!
The WRAP CARE KIT includes products necessary to safely care for vinyl signage and the other surfaces of the vehicle as well. The kit is a combination of revolutionary CRYSTALTEK products, WRAP WASH and WRAP POLISH as well as micro fiber products to use for washing and polishing the wrapped vehicle. Once a wrap is complete, the installation team signs the external “Thank-you” card and leaves the kit in the front seat of the vehicle.
The included “How to care for your Wrap” brochure gives easy and complete instructions to the new Wrap owner. The attractive micro fiber chenille mitt serves as external packaging, and inside are a micro fiber applicator pad (to apply the polish), high quality micro fiber cloth (for polish removal, dusting, etc), and trial sizes of both WRAP WASH and WRAP POLISH.

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