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This mid-range laminator incorporates many features often found on more costly units. One outstanding feature is GBC's patented Advanced Electronic Safety System (AESS), that immediately stops the rollers whenever an obstruction is detected. The 2064WF can laminate and mount a variety of thermal and PSA films and materials up to 64" wide and 1" thick with speeds up to 15 fpm.

The GBC 2064WF is ideal for mid-range production quantities nearing high-end production. It features a full control panel on the front and a motor drive control panel in the back for bi-directional operations. The front control panel displays all the pertinent information an operator needs for perfect product finishing including main roller pressure and gap settings. A footage counter keeps track of material used on a particular job.

There is no need to let the main rollers cool down when thermally laminating from the front and board mounting from the rear. With of a multitude of unwind and rewinds shafts, the GBC 2064WF can also handle roll-to-roll applications. The movable foot pedal allows for hands-free operation when feeding prints or mounting boards.

  • Swing-out film shafts and auto-grip core chucks simplify film loading
  • Adjustable high-quality clutch ensures consistently flat output
  • Alloy heaters speed up the preheat time and maintain heat consistency across the main rollers
  • Channeled air cooling system and large chill idler roller eliminate waves in thermal output

Laminator TypeCold/Hot