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Eco-Sol MAX, 220ml

A remarkable innovation in ink technology. Building on Roland’s award-winning eco-solvent ink, ECO-SOL MAX features several new enhancements including faster drying time, higher density, wider color gamut, improved scratch resistance, lower cost per square foot, and broader uncoated media support. In addition, ECO-SOL MAX is virtually odorless, and does not require any special ventilation or environmental equipment.
ECO-SOL MAX has been formulated to enhance the performance of all Roland eco-solvent inkjets including popular VersaCAMM and SOLJET models. ECO-SOL MAX replaces Roland Eco-SOL Ink in these powerful inkjet printers and integrated printer/cutters.

  • Quick drying time for improved production speed
  • Improved scratch resistance for increased durability and easy handling
  • Wider color gamut for reds, blues and greens
  • Virtually odorless and user-friendly
  • Aggressively adheres to a broad range of affordable media including Roland’s complete line of uncoated and coated media
  • Durability up to three years outdoors without laminationli>

Item number Description
Eco-Sol MAX Black Ink, 220ml (#ESL3-BK)
Eco-Sol MAX Cyan Ink, 220ml (#ESL3-CY)
Eco-Sol MAX Lt. Cyan Ink, 220ml (#ESL3-LC)
Eco-Sol MAX Lt. Magenta Ink, 220ml (#ESL3-LM)
Eco-Sol MAX Magenta Ink, 220ml (#ESL3-MG)
Eco-Sol MAX Yellow Ink, 220ml (#ESL3-YE)