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Awning Tubing & Awning Extrusions


S&F’s Awn-Tube is manufactured to the highest specs possible. And that includes its unique triple coat protection on every inch of tubing: a layer of zinc, a conversion coating, and a clear polymeric coating. This results in a smooth and attractive high shine appearance that gives awnings the look of pure quality. The bond between coatings provide an impervious shield against corrosion and white rust. Strength and durability are assured without compromising the tubing’s workability. Tubing is easily fabricated - bending, swaging, wall-to-wall flattening... all are easily accomplished without flaking or chipping.
Yield and strength are unparalleled. So you can use smaller sizes or lighter walls and still get maximum design performance. Material costs are lower and therefore, as logic dictates, profits are higher.

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